As cute as a blossom.

My ultimate #vacationgoals (in no particular order):

1) Go to Peru, stay at an alpaca farm and hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

2) Beyonce it up on the Mediterranean coast. Wear nothing but white, lay out on yachts, hang out with Jay-Z. This one may be more #lifegoals.

3) Visit Japan when sakura are in bloom. Picnic under the trees with specially made hanami bento boxes filled with pink onigiri and eat adorable sakura flavored cakes plus a package of those ridiculously expensive Japanese white strawberries. Shop for all the special edition pink sakura items while sipping on pink sakura lattes. Basically, I want to buy all the pink things, eat all the pink things, and be totally overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all.


The Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival did not involve any actual cherry blossoms but there was plenty of cute.

What it involved is lots of Japanese culture, showcased at various areas of the Seattle Center. The annual festival spans a weekend in Spring, and has a full calendar of performances, activities, and exhibits to enjoy. We went in the afternoon on the last day of the festival so a lot of things were winding down but there was still plenty left to be entertained by. Upon arrival, we parked ourselves at the main stage in the Armory where there were a variety of performances (see Melinda’s post) ranging from folk stories to traditional dancing. My favorite performers were the Taiko and dance troupe, which Melinda missed because she got hungry (see my previous post).


It was a big, impressive performance with a bunch of dancers and drummers of all ages and levels. The littlest drummers stole the show though- the kids were so adorable- especially the determined little boy who was always a half beat behind the others.

There were no flowers at the Cherry Blossom Festival, but it was still the kind of cute that makes a 33 year old woman who has resigned herself to be a poodle lady, to consider freezing her eggs. Not bad, for a free “trip” to Japan.


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