Invisible blossoms and flower walls

“Isn’t it kind of late in the season for cherry blossoms?…What do you mean there won’t be any cherry blossoms at the Cherry Blossom Festival?”

Totally reasonable line of questioning, right?  Sue seemed to think it was perfectly normal for a festival to not have the thing it is named after.  It’s not but whatever we went anyway (note: by “we went anyway” I mean that Sue ignored several attempts by me to brush off the event and was eventually successful).

I arrived at the Seattle Center with low expectations and ended up having a really enjoyable time.  Isn’t it nice when that happens?

There were a few stars of the show for me but let’s start with this guy:


Not the guy sitting directly in front of me whose head is arguably the star of this picture – the guy on the stage to the far right holding something up for the audience to look at the same way librarians show a picture book to a gaggle of kindergarteners during story time.  The reason this is an appropriate comparison is that he is in fact telling us a story and holding up illustrations for us to enjoy at the same time.  They were pretty funny/good I think although we were a bit far away to be looking at pictures that tiny.  None of these things are why he was a star.  I’m not even sure he made the illustrations himself.  This guy was a star because in this room filled with voices he told a story the proper way and gave each of the characters their own special voice.  Even the female character.  Awesome.  If you’re out there right now reading this, someone owes you a beer.  You were great.

The very nice, encouraging lady seated in the middle sang and played music for us.  This was awesome too but the best part was that she taught the audience to dance and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  When she wants volunteers she will stop the show until she gets them! This happened several times but by the last I finally mustered up the courage to dance like an idiot in this crowded room just so that she wouldn’t be left hanging.  Sue did not participate.  I’d like to hear a chorus of “booooo” right now as punishment.

The girl on the far left was pretty cool too, mostly because I really liked her hat.

Next stars:


These ladies were aaaaadorable.  And this is coming from someone who has watched hours and hours of puppies and kittens on youtube, so I know adorable.  In case you’re not sold here is another picture that is more obviously adorable:


Look at that cute wave.  If you don’t wish she was your relative you are soulless.

There were more cool things that happened after this point apparently but you’ll have to wait for Sue’s post to hear about that.  By this point I was pretty hungry and headed to the Plum Bistro stand to get food.  I got some reading in which is nice for a sometimes introvert like me 🙂

After we were done at the event we headed over to SIFF Cinema for the NFFTY festival.  I guess it was a festival kind of day for us.  Anyway that was our intention but what actually ended up happening was this:


I felt bad choosing Dior over student work but…


Right?  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Who can walk by this poster without changing plans?  For the record, it was awesome.  And the flower walls alone were worth it.


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