And then we got hungry.

Despite what Melinda has led you to believe, we did not actually visit the Olympic Sculpture Park.


As research for this post, I looked on Google maps to find out the name of the (jumping) bridge we crossed (Helix Pedestrian Bridge, for those wondering) and it turns out that we walked the Elliot Bay Trail which passes through two lovely parks- neither of them being the Olympic Sculpture Park. The parks we did visit are Centennial Park and Myrtle Edwards Park. So, that may be the better explanation of why our blog posts don’t have any pictures of sculptures.

I’ll start from the beginning.  I met up with Melinda in South Lake Union and we decided to take the scenic route and walk through Olympic Sculpture Park on our way to dinner in Belltown. As per usual, Melinda confidently led the way opting for an extra scenic route with a couple detours thrown in for good measure. She seems to only consult a map in dire situations (e.g., extreme hunger) and I don’t know if this is a reflection of a free-spirited-ness or because her phone seems to have the worst battery life ever. It really doesn’t matter, because I’m directional-y hopeless, so I have no choice but to continue to follow along.


When we finally reached the green way, I just assumed we were at the back end of the Sculpture Park and maybe some Seattle dwellers consider this area an extension of the park- but Google Maps does not. To be fair, this trail eventually forks and can lead to the Sculpture Park. It’s a nice path that follows along the water with great views (as seen in Melinda’s post). However, when we finally reached the fork that led up to the Sculpture Park, we opted to skip the sculptures and continue strait on the trail. Not because the trail was exceptionally amazing, but because it was the quickest route to food. As is the case with many of our “adventures,” our plans were again thwarted by the desire to eat right away. Oh well, a park is a park, and dinner was delicious.

So if you’ve learned anything from this post, it should be that you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet.

You’re welcome.


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