Put on my pink suede shoes.


Melinda and I have perfected the art of making loose plans. It usually starts off with an ambiguous “we should do something” text, followed by a painfully slow text exchange (on both parts), and then me just wanting to know where I need to be and what type of shoes to wear because as we have learned, Melinda likes walking.

While I, too, enjoy walking, I also enjoy wearing impractical shoes. It’s a shame that those two interests don’t work better together. For this excursion, I was told to wear shoes I can “walk around an urban park in.”

Dress code observed, I took the bus into downtown Seattle, picked up provisions at Starbucks, and then waited on a random street corner ’til Melinda found me. Upon entering her car, I learned that we were headed to Mercer Island and Melinda was bordering hangry.

For those unfamiliar with Melinda, you don’t want her hangry. Luckily, Mercer Island is only a ten minute drive from downtown. Yes, it’s an island, but since being surrounded by bodies of water is not a novel occurrence in Seattle, I’m more apt to describe Mercer Island as a small, quiet suburb – inhabited by rich people and their golden doodles.

Our game plan once we got to Mercer Island was:

1) Find food 2) Eat 3) Wander around 4) Check out a Little Free Library or two 5) Read

While we accomplished everything on the list, let’s just say we spent more time on the first item than the last..which happens a lot.

mercerisland3For the wander portion of the day, we walked through Pioneer Park and around some of the neighboring streets. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as the picture above suggests, but I would wear different footwear next time. I’m assuming Melinda and I have different concepts of what an urban park is. If you enjoy walking around and exploring fancy neighborhoods while making note of future house #goals, Mercer Island is a great place to do it. Y’all do that too, right?


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