Patron of the arts…and donuts.


Everyone equates Seattle with rain. Before moving up here, I thought that meant there would be daily downpours and I’d finally get use of all those cute rain boots that were collecting dust in my little drought-stricken section of the country. I quickly learned that while it most definitely is overcast and drizzly up here, Seattle’s rain really isn’t so bad.

So with that said, the weather on the night of the April’s PhinneyWood Art Up sucked- it was cold, with lots of wind and rain.  Although the art walk had initially been my suggestion, it required summoning up some real dedication to the arts to keep walking around from place to place to see it.

As Melinda mentioned, we started off at Ballard Healing Arts to check out Tibetan bowl singing. Back in December, I heard about healing sound baths and am assuming this is the same thing by a different name. What’s a healing sound bath, you ask? Well, I’m not entirely sure yet and since the door was locked to the Healing Arts center, I’ll have to get back to you on that.

After that initial disappointment, we headed to Greenwood Ave which is where most of the businesses participating in Art Up are located. The first few spots we hit up were restaurants, which made for an awkward art viewing experience. Restaurants are just one of those places that you walk into for a singular purpose, so it felt odd to go inside just to stand in front of seated diners and look at the walls behind them. Oh well.

Thankfully, there was Urban Light Studios which basically was a not-so-mini art walk in itself. Upstairs in their main event area, they had a few paintings up and invited guests to walk around the space which was a collection of themed rooms that were really fun to explore.


Downstairs had a fun urban vibe going on, with a DJ and several artists showcasing their work in different rooms. The individual artists were present in the rooms and in addition to the art you could purchase small items like tees, post cards, prints, etc – basically mini Etsy shops. For refreshments, there was the requisite wine, cheese and crackers, but also beer, hummus, and donuts…because those things are delicious. For some reason, I couldn’t get myself to drink any of the free booze provided by the starving artists, but I did help myself to two donuts…


After Urban Light Studios, we visited a couple more participating businesses but eventually ran out of time. Overall, this was a fun way to see some cool art and explore Greenwood in the process. PhinneyWood is having their annual “The BIG One” ArtUp event this coming weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice- so definitely worth checking out. If you can’t make it to that but still want some art in your life – check out this artist’s site. He’s the artist of the pieces in the first photo above and had my favorite work of the night.


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