Living that island life…okay well, sort of.

There are a lot of things that I like but I have a short list of things that I love – taking walks, touching books, eating yummy things, and hanging out near large bodies of water.  In reality I love more things than that but those things don’t fit quite as nicely into this blog post.

The other weekend Sue said she didn’t feel like spending money and that we should just walk around somewhere.  Jackpot!  I always jump at the opportunity to walk around aimlessly with another person.

I pulled up the Google map and decided it’d be nice to go somewhere close that didn’t feel so Seattle.  Sue had never been to Mercer Island and despite the name it is actually very accessible by car so I picked her up from a sketchy Seattle bus stop and we headed a short 15 minutes east.

I was hungry (that happens a lot) so our first stop was at a very regular non-islandy QFC supermarket.  We spent some extra time making sure our food would be instagramable and then headed to Pioneer Park to find a bench and scarf it down.  Here is what Sue came up with because I am hopeless at making things pretty.


The thing is that food was actually pretty good.  We took a break from the park and wandered into a neighborhood to take advantage of the Little Free Library system.  The one we found was especially adorable and included this cute little note:


Sue found a book that she told me 6 years ago she wanted to read.  I freaked out about the chances.  She didn’t seem that impressed.

We wandered back into the park and walked downhill for a very long time.  If you’ve ever been in nature around Seattle you can pretty much imagine what the park looked like but I will include this picture anyway because it has a bridge in it:

Pioneer Park

After all the hill up and down business we decided that was enough exercising and we could use a little more relaxing in our day.  We headed to a different park more suited to laziness.

mercer island water

Nice, right?  It was dinner time for normal people so we got front row seats on the dock to do a combo of stare at water, sit next to books and not read them, lay next to books and not read them, watch teenagers crawl all over each other, and wonder if we will ever be the kind of person that throws on a wetsuit, climbs onto their kayak and paddles out just far enough to get in a good swim.  That last part was just me.  Kayaker from Groveland Park if you’re reading this, sorry for so unapologetically staring at you.


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