You Probably Know More About Trees Than I Do

Here’s my conundrum with blogging about hiking – you probably know more about trees than I do.  And if you don’t know anything about trees, you’re probably reading a blog post about hiking so you can be impressed by how much other people know about trees.  If you’re into things that aren’t trees, I also can’t impress you with what you can only assume is my very knowledgeable review about my latest REI purchase (or should I say Patagonia? is Patagonia more popular than REI?).  I wouldn’t even know how to go about faking that.

The truth is I am a very average person, with a very average amount of experience in the outdoors.  I like trees.  I like walking around underneath them and climbing over them when they are blocking a trail but unless I get lucky and spot a quaking aspen I can’t name them.  I don’t think “pine tree” counts…does that count?

So why attempt to write about hiking at all?  Because I enjoy going on hikes and sometimes I let too much time go by without taking one and taking the time to put my latest hiking adventure in a post makes me prioritize taking another one.  In other words, for purely selfish reasons.  But then again, why else does anyone blog?

The name of the latest adventure is The Baker Lake Trail.

Lake Shannon

Don’t get excited, that’s not Baker Lake.  That is Shannon Lake, the lake you drive past to get to the Baker Lake trail head.  I will not be showing you any pictures of Baker Lake because Sue thinks it is normal to start a hike in the afternoon.

How did we get to the trail?  From Seattle, I-5 North to 20 East.  It took us awhile.  We stopped in Sedro-Woolley because it had a cute name and it was reasonable to think it would be a cute place to stop.  It was okay.

When we got to the trail head it was late but we plunged ahead any way.  I usually hike alone so one of the things I really like about Sue is that she lets me walk ahead if I feel like it or fall behind if I feel like it and she doesn’t say anything or make me feel weird about it.  In fact she probably likes not having to talk to me the whole time we are hiking.  This is why we make good friends!

Now for your reward:


This was definitely one of the nicest trails I’ve been on in Washington and I am excited to go back to the North Cascades when the weather gets a little warmer.


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