Florals for Spring?



We went to Pioneer Square on a Thursday night and watched skinny chicks clad in floral prints and a curious amount of denim strutting down a runway. The best part of it was having a reason not to be wearing yoga pants on a weeknight – but that’s just the state of my life.

While the fashion show wasn’t bad,” I think it’s fair to say the event wasn’t worth the admission price. I believe Melinda was being too nice to straight up say that in her post. Maybe they did too good a job of marketing the event because I feel like we were tricked into paying to attend a fashion school open house. Is Art Institute hard up on cash? Who knows. The event started off with an MC auctioning off some donated items, then a handful of fashion students showcased their work to a group made up mostly of families and fellow students, and then there were some awards. The end. After standing shoulder to shoulder in a space that was hip, but didn’t logistically work with the fashion show, everyone was ready for some air and teetered out onto the street in their heels. It would have been nice if there were some more vendor booths, or just more to look at or do in general, but that was it. On the plus side, we got free Vita Coco.


Actually, the fashion show was a lot better than I had expected. You can’t blame me for fearing the worst though…student fashion show…in Seattle? Let’s just say fashion in Seattle can be summed up with three letters: R-E-I. And as for a student show, I was imagining a lot of avant-garde wannabe Galliano-eque creations. Thankfully, there wasn’t too much of that and most of the designs were cute and had fun cuts and pretty (floral) patterns. Unfortunately, all the pictures I took of those outfits are too blurry to decipher anything from and all I have to share is this Stephen Sprouse circa 1999 creation:


And there I go being the snarky one again.


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