Pi, Pie, and The Teacher’s Lounge

If you make it through an entire post without pictures, you get an A+!

I have always had a thing for local events, which is why I’ve marked them as a thing on the list.  But I don’t just have a thing for certain types of events, I pretty much like them all.  I have found that this isn’t necessarily the case with most people.  Most people have a few serious interests or hobbies and they gravitate toward events that fit that profile.  Makes sense.  It also makes sense then that people like me (and Sue!) will end up being a sort of voyeur at these events, observing the folks who are super into it every day and not just for the evening.

Such was the case at the local Pi day celebration hosted by The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas.  I will save you a trip down Google lane and just tell you that if you’re ever in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle you can find it within the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

I thought, “Math is pretty cool, pie is more than pretty cool – sounds fun!”  I don’t bake (bake something is also on the list) and I didn’t bake that particular evening either.  I was sort of hoping Sue would so we wouldn’t show up empty handed (she didn’t and so we did).  I thought this would make me ashamed to eat the pie (it didn’t and so we did, A LOT).  We even got to vote on our favorites! There were all sorts of wonderful pies but (no surprise) my favorite was baked by Pie School’s Kate Lebo.

In addition to pie there was also pi (of course) and we got to hear some interesting math facts in between bites of the sweet stuff.  The non-food highlight of the evening was the recitation contest.  3.1415926535 something something.  That’s all I’ve got but a couple folks got up to 70 something numbers?  I guess this is the kind of thing other people spend their time working on while I re-watch romantic comedies.

I’d like to think that post-pie drinking at The Teacher’s Lounge was cleverly planned as the perfect way to cap a math-themed night but I didn’t even realize what a good fit it was until days later.  We just went there because there really is no other place to go in Greenwood (this was before I discovered The Cozy Nut Tavern which is aaaaaaawesome).

So anyway not much more to say about that night.  Sue’s post was way funnier AND it has pictures.


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