Come for the fashion, stay for the coconut water.

Runway 1

You know you’ve watched too many seasons of Project Runway when you see an ad for a runway show and think to yourself, “I hope I get to see dresses made out of material found in a pet shop.”  Apparently that is not what fashion schools are doing.

I asked Sue if she would go to this fashion show thing with me the other night and she said sure and then later “why didn’t you use the $10 ticket promo code that was all over their website?!”  I am the kind of person who needs to be told explicitly that there is a promo code readily available or I will always pay full price for things.

In hindsight I wish Sue had said something like “But Melinda, what about all the other things you could do with 20 something dollars?” but she didn’t so I headed to Pioneer Square* after work one day to meet her and watch fashion.

*Note: I DID head to Pioneer Square.  Sue likes to do this fun thing where she is so in love with the city that she drives around and around taking in all the sites.  She does this so consistently that we build an extra 45 minutes into her arrival time when she comes to visit.  This time 45 minutes was not enough so I met her outside of Pike’s Place and guided her to (a parking spot in) Pioneer Square.

Pioneer Square at night…I am shaking my head at my younger self for waiting for the bus there.  Was I insane?! How scary and dangerous.  Anyway, if you were expecting there to be cute little appetizers and sexy cocktails at this shindig you would have turned right around at the door and forced Sue to walk the rainy streets in search of food and drink too.  Which is exactly what I did.

We ended up at a cute place called Delicatus that served really yummy drinks.  I’m not really into sandwiches but I would definitely go back for the booze.  We hustled back to the show just in time to see the VitaCoco promo team wheeling empty barrels back into the VitaCoco van.  I meant to only protest in my head but ended up nearly screaming with disappoint in a very public way (whoops!).  Highlight of the night: 10 minutes later one of the girls at the front found us amidst the fashion gaggle and gave us each a VitaCoco – yeeeeesssss.  Thank you again!

So the Show:

Runway 2

This was as close as I got to a crazy Project Runway moment.  Its blurry so feel free to romanticize it however you please.  Also if any Deadliest Catch fans happen to be reading take a closer look at the guy in the blue baseball hat.

The End.


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