Let your geek flag fly

We went to a Pi(e) Party and it was fun.

piepartyMy blog partner prefers that I leave it at that, post my pictures and call it a day, but I’m going to elaborate and hope not to offend anyone in the process.

The event was held in Greenwood on 3/14/15 to celebrate π with pie. BTW, Melinda totally offended me by asking if I knew the special significance of this year’s Pi day. Even after I said I did, she made me prove it. Please, I may not be the math nerd my parents had hoped for, but I’m still Asian. I know you dear reader(s) also know the significance too. We’re a smart bunch here, plus someone probably posted about it on Facebook.

Prior to attending the event, I knew there would be some math talk involved. However, I assumed the number stuff was the necessary evil we’d rush over in order to get to what the night was really about: pie, scrumptious & splendid P-I-E. In my world, food is always the main event (especially dessert), so imagine my confusion when I found myself surrounded by people geeking out over pi, no E.

The actual main event was a battle of the pi(e)s. It was like a rap battle between Jessica Day (#teampie) and Leonard Hofstadter (#teampi) minus sick rhymes, and really, just talk about circles n’ Crisco. If that didn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone. Still, the discussion was entertaining and I learned some new factoids, like: pie was the OG BPA free Tupperware, and Pythagoras invented being vegetarian.

pi_day1The other highlights of the night were contests + prizes for the best tasting pies in various categories, and the longest recitation of pi. Eating (multiple) homemade desserts is just about the best-thing-ever and obviously the reason why I was there. Reciting the longest memorization of pi? Nah. I sometimes freeze when prompted to punch in my zip code at the gas pump; numbers hurt my brain. Surprisingly though, this is where the “fun” began for me.

When the recitation contest was announced, I swear there was an electricity that moved through the audience. Friends huddled, glanced around, and exchanged knowing looks. Somewhere in that room, there was a nerd ready to have her moment and I was excited for her! I mean, how often does one get to show off this particular questionable skill? And hooray for all the geeky Asian girls who rocked the contest. Sorry I didn’t turn out more like them, mom.

So in the same way that attending Comic-Con or watching a documentary on spelling bees is fun, the Pi(e) Party was fun! While the math stuff did not interest me, it was neat to be around people who did find it interesting. Everyone has something they geek out about, and we should all just own it. Being around people in their element, doing their thang, and enjoying it is inspiring and infectious. Also, the pie was super delicious. I was on a sugar + caffeine high the whole night, and that may have also have factored into my enjoyment.

pieparty2The Pi(e) Party was held at The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas, which is an awesome non-profit that provides free tutoring and writing programs for kids. It’s a cool, inviting space that I imagine encourages kids to be creative and let their their little geek flags fly. The  “bureau” is attached to the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co, a quirky shop that sells all these fun nerdy things that you never knew you needed, with proceeds contributing to the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. The shop is worth checking out if you’re looking for a gift for a geeky friend, or have been searching for a binary chronometer. Extra bonus points that it’s located next to Chaco Canyon Cafe cus they have nutritional yeast shakers next to the salt and pepper there- and that’s the kinda thing I geek out about.


What makes you geek out?


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