We’re basically Lewis and Clark

I’m not sure if this is still a thing but when I was a kid the key to following your dreams was to head either to New York City or the west coast.  Sue and I have already gone the east coast route a few times before so when we committed to this project together there was really only one choice – throw our guitar cases in the back of a beat up Volkswagen and hope it wouldn’t break down before we got there.

I’m just kidding.  Neither of us are musically inclined (although we both threw our hat in the ring of stringed instruments at some point) and we both drive very reliable vehicles.  Also the coast is only a few hours away and we had just decided on a last minute trip for the weekend.  Reason #471 it’s good to not be a teenager anymore.

On a gorgeous Saturday morning we headed out.  Pit stop – Astoria, Oregon.  Final destination – Cranberry Cottage in Long Beach, WA (I wanted to insert a cute hand sketched map in place of that boring description but I couldn’t find an app for that).

Astoria was beautiful and we spent our afternoon participating in the typical tourist activities – estate sales, seal watching, column hiking and distillery tasting.

Astoria Seals Astoria ColumnView from Astoria Column 2 Astoria distillery

You can probably guess what the star of the show was once we got to Long Beach.

Long Beach 1 Long Beach 2

Airbnb provided the cute little hideaway called Cranberry Cottage.

Cranberry Cottage Cranberry cottage2

The next day was dedicated to a hike to the beach.  Sue covered this adventure extensively in her post so I will skip the details except to say that it was way more fun not getting to the beach than I think getting there would have been.

Leadbetter 1 Leadbetter 2 Leadbetter3 Leadbetter4

Aside from the hike the highlight of the trip was a perfect surprise evening at the 101 Public House in South Bend, WA.  Honestly, I was just looking for a good enough bite to eat and a place to stop and use the restroom.  I had no idea how cute this place would turn out to be!

101 public 1 101 public 2

Top 5 reasons I will be headed back to South Bend just to hang out at the 101 Public House:

1.  There is a filled-to-the-brim throwback beer fridge and the owner says “If you want another beer, help yourself.”

2.  The freshest cleanest oysters I have ever tasted.

3.  All the food that went past our table looked like it was worth driving 2 hours.

4.  The view was incredible and when it gets warmer I can’t think of a better place to relax than that deck.

5.  Even with crazy tech solutions available at my fingertips I am still struggling to find new music to add to my forever favorites.  The Sky Colony was playing at the 101 Public House and I have been listening to their new album nonstop.  I am convinced this place is magic and all my new music favorites will be found there.


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