Being original on the Internet

A few weeks ago, Melinda suggested we collaborate on something. She had a reason behind it, maybe pertaining to successful people? Either way, it seemed like a good idea. After some brainstorming, Melinda came up with this blog. *Hooray!* While I’m happy to give her all the credit for this awesome idea, I’d also like to note that some of her other suggestions were making kites, and selling birdhouses on Etsy.

So collaborative something being set, the next order of business was to think of a blog name. I immediately relegated this task to Melinda. In short, because I hate thinking. Okay, that sounds awful, so I’ll explain: if I obsess too long about the perfect name, I’ll end up losing interest, and getting nowhere. I just wanted to jump in. Melinda would think of a blog name and I would design the blog. That’s how collaborations work, right?

Well, I ended up brainstorming blog names along with Melinda…because after a week, the list below is what she came up with. I’m kidding. There are some good ones but they were already taken – being original on the internet is near impossible.

Bold: Melinda’s blog titles / Italics: my replies.
Additional information: Melinda read and explained this list to me in person before she emailed it to me. I’m admittedly not the best active listener, so while I was writing these comments, I could only remember half her explanations.

Of the same coin – This does not excite me
The same coin

Apples to Oranges – I like this direction but we can do better.
Pomegranates to Pears –
So I guess this is the “doing better” but umm…I don’t know if I would have understood if it hadn’t followed Apples to Oranges. Pears to Clementines?

Still life with apples and oranges  Too fancy for me. Makes me feel pressured that this blog has to be an artistic masterpiece.
Still life with Pomegranates and pear

Red versus blackWhy red and black? All I’m coming up with is playing cards and roulette. Is there more to this that I’m not getting?

Circles and SquaresNo one wants to be the square.

Beach or mountain So the next three are the same. Cute, when you explain the “game” reasoning behind it. Are there other ones? Or Beaches AND Mountains? Mountains and Deserts?
Boxers or briefs Yes, I see these other ones, but I don’t want something attached to me on the internet that is titled after undergarments.
Boyshorts or bikinis
See above. I just want you to know that between this one and beach or mountain, I took this quiz… Turns out, I like both.

You thought what? – There has to be a better way to phrase this or to get this idea across. Good start.
To each their own –
I like “To each her own” but apparently this is the title of a movie, and therefore taken.
Two roads diverged Fancy!
I’m leaning towards like on this one, so I looked it up, and it’s taken. No surprise there.
Where was I when that happened
Mindy did it better.

How do you like your eggsI like this because I really like eggs.

VisorsDid you explain this one to me? I DON’T UNDERSTAND
I just think of sales. Which, I guess, is what I’m supposed to think of but I’m just stuck on discount shopping.
Hearts, stars and horseshoesIs this another “this or that” game? I’ve never heard of this.
Two tickets to the gun showNO
Checking it twice
Okay, so immediately I thought of Christmas and Santa Claus…and then THREE HOURS later, I finally understood your reasoning behind this, and I started warming up to it. There are two lists, we’re both checking things off our list, thus, checking + twice = checking it twice. Yes? Is this what you meant?
I’ll have what she’s having –
This is cute. But I always just think of Meg Ryan fake orgasming (which I understand is the reference point) but I don’t know if I want to keep visualizing that scene.
What she’s having

Can someone explain “visors” to me?

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