30, Flirty, and Thriving…30, Flirty, and…

I think what we were supposed to take away from that movie was something like fall in love with your best friend, don’t be a b*tch, awesome high-powered fashion magazine editor jobs are not as good as wearing converse and living in a pink house, etc. etc.  If you haven’t seen this movie and don’t know what I am talking about it doesn’t matter because this blog isn’t about that (although there is no way in hell you are going to want to read this blog if you aren’t the type of person to watch that movie).

The point is I am turning 30.  Not the kind of 30 that exists for 1 1/2 hours after young Mark Ruffalo gives me some wishing dust or whatever that was.  The real 30.  So naturally I have decided to comfort myself by doing the same thing I’ve done my whole life – make a list.  And just like when I was a child, rope some innocent bystander into making one with me (thanks Sue!).  Anything about this site that is cooler than what one would find scribbled in crayon in a Beauty and the Beast diary exists because the innocent bystander happens to be a lot cooler than me.

Still with me?  Then stay awhile.  We can all go on an adventure together.


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